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Welcome to "Sunday Leftovers" Bible Study!

Dive deeper into God's Word for a week of clarity and inspiration. Strengthen your faith and gain insights from additional teachings from Sunday's sermon that will enhance your spiritual journey. Join us in person for fellowship in the Fireside Room.

Why Bible Study?
Stay engrossed in His Word to find wisdom you need to bring clarity to your life and purpose. Proverbs 4:7, NLT - "Getting Wisdom is the wisest thing you can do. And whatever else you do, develop good judgement."

What to Expect:

  • In-depth study of Sunday sermons
  • Fellowship that enriches
  • Practical insights for daily living

Join us each week for spiritual growth!

Virtual Viewing Options
Watch the livestream on our website, mobile app, or on The Centre at Highland Facebook page 

Never miss a lesson. View any previous Bible Study lesson on demand.