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California, we need to stay home to save lives.

If we do not stay home, the spread of COVID-19 will get worse. We will get through this together by staying away from each other. We should only leave our homes to get food, get necessary health care, or go to an essential job. Always use social distancing when going out by staying six feet away from everyone.

This public health emergency has taught us that it is never too soon to be prepared. If this pandemic has taught us anything is that, we have to be prepared. And, we have all learned the value of storing a little extra food and supplies at home in advance, to take care of our needs. Don’t get caught by surprise again. Use your time at home to get ready for other disasters, like a wildfire, earthquake and flood. Get ready today by taking this easy steps:

  • Get official alerts to know what to do – Sign up to receive regional alerts should a natural disaster or other emergency situation arise in your area. If you work in one county, but you live in another, you can sign up for both. Visit

  • Make a plan to protect your people – Think about who you want to connect with during an emergency. These may be family, neighbors, friends or caregivers. Who do you want to protect? Who wants to protect you? Write down their names and contact information on any clean sheet of paper. Include home, work, school and other numbers. Share copies with everyone on your list.

  • Pack a go-bag with things you need – You can never be too prepared for a disaster. Pack a go bag with things you need. Include copies of IDs and insurance, a map of area evacuation routes and a list of your prescriptions and doctors. This will help save time should you need to leave your home, like in response to a wildfire.

  • Pack a stay box – With supplies for when you can’t leave – You’ve already learned what food and other things you need for at least two weeks at home during a pandemic. With other disasters like earthquakes, you might lose electricity or water and need a portable radio, flashlights and batteries, drinkable water and a first aid kit. Consider what other items you may need for yourself and others during this time, from the basics, essentials, to caring for your pets.

  • Help friends and neighbors – Talk about your emergency plans with loved ones and encourage them to do the same. Reach out and connect via an email, make a phone call, or send a text message to encourage those around you, to use this time to give some thought to and prepare for other possible disasters.

    We’ve learned from COVID-19 how important it is to be ready for any disaster. And, we know that wildfires, earthquakes and floods can still strike at any time. We can all get better prepared today for whatever may come tomorrow.

A public service message brought to you by the team helping Californians prepare for any disaster: Listos California and Building Resilient Communities.

Learn more by visiting ListosCalifornia.Org.

Stay Home. Save Lives.