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Psalm 32


1. Recognize God’s goodness. (vs. 1-2)

  • Our understanding of God’s will and purposes always begins with God and his identity and character and not our own.
  • David recognizes that God’s goodness has brought about a profound new reality in his life.

2. Release your heart. (vs. 3-4)

• Releasing your grip on your heart and opening up to God is huge!
• VERY IMPORTANT: Some shame is caused by the actions of others and circumstances you did not choose.
• Whether your shame and regret results from your choices or the choices of others, it’s incredibly unhealthy to hang onto it or to remain in unforgiveness.

3. Repent. (v. 5)
When you see your sinful choices for what they are...

● Take full ownership of the choices you have made.
● Understand that all sin is an affront to the righteousness of God.
● Take ownership of the consequences of your sin.

4. Receive God’s forgiveness. (v. 6)
When we confess our sins to God, not only does he forgive us, he also protects us from his own wrath toward sin. He covers us.

5. Renounce lies. (v. 7)
God will surround you with songs of deliverance. In other words, truth in the place of error.

• If you are going to move beyond shame and regret, you have to realize and renounce any agreement with error or falsehood.

6. Retrain your mind. (vs. 8-10)
David says he will “teach you in the way you should go.” That is discipleship!

• We need to hear from God, and we need to hear from other people, about the “way” in which we should live our lives like Christ.

7. Rejoice in your relationship with God. (v. 11)
It’s not just a matter of getting over the temporary feeling of pain. You actually get to enjoy, every day of the rest of your life, your walk with God. What shame do you need healing from today?
God, who is good, faithful, merciful, kind, loving, and gracious, wants to forgive you and heal you and walk with you the rest of your days.