2 Samuel 5:3-9

 One of the most frustrating things we can ever encounter is the inability to reach our full potential.  You and I struggle to make meaning of the fact that we have been hindered from moving forward and reaching our goals.  Why can’t I experience all the things I imagine to do? 

 The Bible calls these hindrances and limitations strongholds.  The name speaks for itself; something strong enough to grip you and impede your progress and hold you until it saps all the energy and fight out of you.  A good definition of stronghold is: Old, difficult, discouraging challenges. David certainly knows something about Old, difficult and discouraging challenges. 

 Do you have any Old, Difficult, and Discouraging things holding you back well, you’re not alone?  Today David will show us how he overcame the stranglehold of old, difficult and discouraging barriers and gained the ability to live in and beyond the walls.