Judges 11:1-11, 29-30

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Sometimes things happen to us that are out of our control; and what’s more they seem to get worst before they get better.  Has anyone here ever felt like you got a raw deal when God was handing out families?  What about family indiscretions, you know those things that define our family that were never supposed to come out but they came out anyway. We have spent a lifetime trying to live down the label and brands that have followed us.  

Many of us have lived frustrated lives trying to please others and erase the stigmas that have been associated with our very existence.  In order to get over, fight through, and take back our dignity we must face the past and embrace the past.  We must exorcize the demons of doubt and fear which cause us to experience the need for approval and affirmation of those who have little if any intention of satisfying our needs.  It starts with seeing ourselves as God sees us. 

 In our lesson Jephthah is a man who has a complicated past. His past is not typical by any stretch of the imagination. He is an inspired leader who gets the opportunity to champion the cause of his people by going to battle for them and claim his rightful place as a leader of his people.