Judges 11:1-12, 29-39

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Last week, we were introduced to a very interesting character name Jephthah; he is a man with his own issues.  His story begins with the shocking revelation that his father is the leader of a nation but his mother is a prostitute and as a result he is taunted and teased by his brothers. 

Like many strong-minded and strong-willed individuals, he finds a way to overcome these obstacles but it is not without a price.  He grows up to be a fighter, a warrior, who is sought out by the very ones who taunted him to lead them because he has a gift or talent that is needed. There is nothing more frustrating than feeling used because of what you can do and not because of who you are.  

Today, we examine another barrier to breakthrough in the form of healthy checks and balances for wise decision making in every situation.