Luke 5:1-11

As we begin 2024 we must be willing to hear what the Lord is saying to us in this crucial hour.  God is calling His people together in ways that we have not wanted to consider in the past; but we are faced with some unique challenges that force us to think about life in new and imaginative ways.

Jesus helps us believe that anything is possible as he shows us how to expect more from ourselves and our relationships with others.  Can anyone here today stand to be more productive, more effective, more dependable, more trustworthy, more consistent?  Well guess what God wants to show you how to make it a reality in your life but first it starts with being intentional—a thing done deliberately; on purpose.  We must then direct our attention to something or someone in this case it called collaboration—to work together, especially in an intellectual way.  Jesus desires us to be so much more than we are settling for and its going to take us working with each other to realize the great things he has for us.